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Proud "Owner"

Opened & Dedicated on 9 October 1994 by Commodore Wheeler

Photo: Sylvia Wilson

Photo: Charlie Billings
Brian Golden (left) was appreciated for his service as Oro Bay Chair by P/C Bill Rumbold (31 August 2003)

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'Land'marks at Oro Bay

This "half submerged derelict .. is supposed to be removed by the end of September. All I can say to that is 'it's about time'. I might also say I'll believe it when I don't see it." (Commodore)

"My contact at DNR tells me that 'our' derelict vessel is at or near the top of the priority list for removal. She says that it should be removed by late summer. I'm not holding my breath, but with her words and a now scheduled July 6 on-site visit there is hope." (Oro Bay Committee Chair)

Our New Port Captain


Burwell's Landing, Golden's Park, & Henry's Hut


BYC's Oro Bay Outstation

"... Alexander Caulfield Anderson headed the Hudson's Bay Co. post at Fort Nisqually back in 1841, when the region wavered between becoming Canadian or American. Charles Wilkes, commander of the U.S. Exploring Expedition that sailed into Puget Sound that year, named the two islands in the vicinity for Anderson and Henry McNeil, captain of the Hudson's Bay steamer the Beaver." (Source)

Cruises 'n Things (Fleet Captain's Page)*

Labor Day Cruise 2009*
Memorial Day Cruise 2009*
Memorial Day Cruise 2008
Labor Day Cruise 2007
Memorial Day Cruise 2007
The Big Storm of 06 hits Oro Bay
The Bixlers' Column (Oct 06)*
Labor Day 2006*
Memorial Day 2006*
Labor Day 2005*
Memorial Day 2005
Labor Day 04 (Photos)*
Labor Day Cruise 2004
SteamBoat Willy (2004)*

Outstation Reports*

28-31 May 2004: Memorial Day Cruise (PhotoPage)



Photo: Joanne Gonzalez


Around and About Anderson Island:

After Winning the Labor Day Parade Float Competition for many years, BYC got only a third place finish in 2009

  • Anderson Island Photos: [South Sound Realty]

  • Dream Getaways: Anderson Island [by Matt Rosenberg]

  • The general store is the only grocery on the island.

    Oro Bay Use Issue (Updates)


    • Hazel Heckman, Island in the Sound. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1967.
    • Betsy Johnson Cammon, Island Memoir: A Personal History of Anderson and McNeil Islands. Anderson Island Historical Society, 1987. [4th printing 1996]



    Oro Bay Outstation Rules

    • Moorage is limited to boats flying the BYC burgee and are operated by a BYC member or spouse. Reciprocal privileges do not apply to the outstation.

    • Permanent and/or semi-permanent moorage is not permitted.

    • Overnight moorage is permissible only when the skipper or spouse is aboard.

    • Moorage is available on a first come basis. Reserving of moorage is not permitted. Dinghies shall not be tied to the dock in a way that will prevent moorage of arriving member boats.

    • Consent to allow rafting is a condition of moorage.

    • As a courtesy to others, generators are not to be operated from 2200 to 0800 hours.

    • In demonstrating respect for our neighbors, a "NO WAKE" speed should be observed when entering and exiting Oro Bay.

    • For lack of local collection services, garbage and trash must be taken with you.

    • All pets must be kept on a leash (as per Pierce County leash law) when off their boats. Owners will be responsible for their pet's actions and are expected to clean after them. There are plastic bags in the bulletin board for this purpose. PLEASE USE THEM!

    • Any request to vary from the above rules must be presented in writing to the Outstation Chairman at least 30 days prior to your need date.

    Source: Outstation Bulletin Board

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    Last update: June 2009