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  • Isolation Transformers by Bob Wheeler (January 2005, BYC Members Only)

  • What is Cathodic Protection and Why Does Your Boat or Yacht Need It? | Mirror Page Electrochemical corrosion of metals is one of the most destructive processes that affects a boat during its lifetime. Cathodic protection is designed to prevent corrosion by altering a metal's electrochemical characteristics through the application of electrical current.

  • Corrosion Testing [ www.marinemechanic.com/site/] "Bob Ajeman of Yacht Corrosion Consultants, a division of Professional Mariner, which manufactures battery chargers and other instruments, sent us a Corrosion Test Meter ($217.95), plus a Zinc Saver Galvanic Isolator ($54.95), which isolates your boat from others at the dock to maintain an AC safety ground and protect against galvanic corrosion and zinc loss. Also included was a copy of Aleman's book, Boat & Yacht Corrosion Control ($29.95)."

    Electric Page [www.marinemechanic.com/site/page12.html]

  • Fighting Corrosion with Zincs and Bonding [pdf]

  • Corrosion Control [www.semarine.com/other/other.shtml; Southeast Marine Services]

  • Why is my Propellor changing Color? (pdf) by Ken Hankinson

  • Predicted Log Racing

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