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  • Port Gamble Bay cleanup begins Monday; By: Tristan Baurick (Kitsap Sun) Posted: 5:08 PM, Sep 27, 2015

  • Port Gamble Bay Cleanup: Openhouse (May 2015)

  • Back to the Future: Plans submitted for Port Gamble's revival Kitsap Sun, by Christopher Dunagan, Posted January 24, 2013 "Olympic Property Group has taken the first official step toward reviving the historic town of Port Gamble. Plans have been submitted to the county for a 325-acre development, including up to 140 new houses; a waterfront "lodge" and restaurant; stores and offices; and tourism facilities. South of town, plans call for a dairy farm, plant nursery and winery, along with a recreation area. A dock for tourism boats is planned...."

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    • Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe & Reservation
      • Land & People & Lifestyle The Port Gamble S'Klallam Reservation consists of 1,340 acres of land held in trust by the federal government. There is no private land ownership on the reservation. Most of the land is in forestry with residential, business, and office areas.

      • Bill would return jurisdiction in civil court matters to tribes By John Stang, Kitsap Sun; Posted January 29, 2011 The Suquamish and Port Gamble S'Klallam tribes could request more control over what their tribal courts can cover under two bills going through the Legislature.
        The bills would allow tribes to request that the state give back some or all of its jurisdiction over several civil court matters that Washington legally took over in 1957 without tribal consent under the authority of a 1953 federal law.

      • Tribal members speak out against large-scale development in Port Gamble By Christopher Dunagan, Kitsap Sun; Posted January 28, 2011 ... members of the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe came to Bremerton on Thursday night to make their case against possible plans for a major development near Port Gamble. Their passionate pleas were heard by city and county officials — members of the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council — who must decide whether a "fully contained community" should be a possibility anywhere in Kitsap County.

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      • Kitsap Forest & Bay [Sustaining our region's quality of life, environmental health and economic vitality]

      • Pope Resources Announces Agreement on Port Gamble Clean-Up March 22, 2013 EON [Enhanced Online News] POULSBO, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- "Pope Resources (NASDAQ:POPE), together with the State of Washington’s Department of Ecology (Ecology), announced that the two parties have agreed on the scope for the final portion of the environmental clean-up effort in and around Port Gamble Bay, a process that began in 2002.
        Pope Resources and Ecology will sign a consent decree, which is a legally binding agreement that will lay out how the remaining clean-up of contaminated in-water sediments will be designed and carried out."

      • Ecology-Port Gamble deal appears to be in trouble Kitsap Sun, Feb 12,2013. By Christopher Dunagan "Negotiations over the cleanup of Port Gamble Bay have broken down,... Washington Department of Ecology had worked out extensive plans with Pope Resources to clean up polluted sediments in the bay and to purchase and restore habitat along the shore, according to Tim Nord of the agency. But Ecology could not accommodate the company’s insistence that two large docks over the cleanup area be left in place. “You have to do a complete cleanup,” ... the proposed dredging could not be accomplished with the docks in the way.Company officials ... would prefer a single new dock outside the bay where the former sawmill once stood. That dock is integral to company plans for renovating the town of Port Gamble, with increased opportunities for tourism and new businesses, ... “We have agreed to take those two docks out once we get approval for a replacement dock,” Rose said. "

      • Kitsap County debates how to approach Port Gamble shoreline rules By Christopher Dunagan, Kitsap Sun, Nov 29, 2012 The county's planning commission had included special allowances for the redevelopment of Port Gamble, with the understanding that the project would undergo extensive review during approval of a master plan for the townsite. Development plans have not yet been submitted by the owner, Olympic Property Group.

      • Land conservancies raising money to buy 7,000 acres of North Kitsap forest from Pope Resources Published Wednesday, August 31, 2011, Seattle PI Online. "If successful, the purchase would preserve from development the land and two miles of waterfront on the west side of Port Gamble Bay, keep it available for public access, and free Pope Resources' Olympic Property Group to concentrate on making Port Gamble a more viable year-round destination. Olympic Property Group president Jon Rose said he expects the agreement with Cascade Land Conservancy and Great Peninsula Conservancy to be signed within two weeks. He would not disclose the purchase price..."

      • Public explanation, education begins for Port Gamble Bay clean up By Brynn Grimley; Kitsap Sun; Posted March 9, 2011

      • Port Gamble cleanup wins Ecology honors [Washington State Department of Ecology : Ecology News - Jan. 26, 2005] BELLEVUE - The current and former owners of historic Port Gamble in Kitsap County are receiving the state's highest environmental award for their work in cleaning up contamination throughout the town. Pope & Talbot and Pope Resources will receive Environmental Excellence Awards from the Department of Ecology (Ecology) during a meeting of the Kitsap County commission on Monday, Jan. 31. The meeting begins at 10 a.m. at the Kitsap County Courthouse, 614 Division St., in Port Orchard.

      • CLEANUP Clams and oysters in Port Gamble Bay are ruled safe to eat. By Christopher Dunagan, Kitsap Sun May 1999 Mark up a rare victory in the war on pollution. Port Gamble Bay in North Kitsap has won a clean bill of health from state authorities. Bay gets OK from health authorities.
      • Oil Spill in Port Gamble (Oct 2005)
      • PORT GAMBLE BAY/GAMBLEWOOD SANITARY SURVEY PROJECT: Final Report (2001) [Kitsap County Health District]
      • Healing the waters: a holistic native American Indian approach June 2001/ From Geological Society of America

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      • Future of town, forests taking shape in plans for Port Gamble Kitsap Business Journal, July 30, 2012 by Tim Kelly ".... Pope & Talbot, the timber company that founded the town in 1853 and started operating a mill on the shore of Port Gamble Bay the following year, actually no longer exists. The mill closed in 1995, and the company went bankrupt five years ago. Pope Resources is a land management company formed in 1985 to take over all of Pope & Talbot’s land holdings in Washington state. Rose is president of Olympic Property Group, a Pope Resources subsidiary that’s now essentially Port Gamble’s landlord..."

      • MY TURN | Why gamble with Port Gamble Bay? Jeromy Sullivan is chairman of the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe. Kitsap Sun, February 6, 2012 "... Many members of the community have serious concerns about this proposal, including the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, local environmental groups, and small businesses. If a dock is allowed at Port Gamble, it would be devastating to marine resources in the bay and, in turn, to the health, food supply, and economic and cultural well-being of many people. ..."

      • Growing pains for Port Gamble Kitsap Sun, Posted February 1, 2012 10 Port Gamble businesses told Kitsap County commissioners that they're heavily dependent on tourism, and that a dock for tour boats could bring more visitors and an economic boost to the old mill town that's been reborn and rezoned as a Rural Historic Zone.

      • Future of forests near Port Gamble in the balance Seattle Times, Sept 24, 2011 Owner Olympic Property Group wants to shed forests adjacent to Port Gamble and is in intense negotiations with local tribes, environmental groups and Kitsap County planners.....

      • A new life for Port Gamble's old theater By Tristan Baurick , Kitsap Sun July 28, 2011, p.1 "... The newly-formed Port Gamble Theater Company is drawing back the dusty curtain for an opening night performance of "The Mousetrap," by Agatha Christie. Several more shows are in the pipeline, and plans are under way to expand seating from 150 to 250...."

      • Port Gamble Project Seen as Potential Economic Boon for Kitsap Kitsap Sun 23 Jan 2010, by Brynn Grimley A tentative agreement announced last week between Kitsap County and the Olympic Property Group could lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in private investments over the next 20 years,... Under the partnership ... the county would take ownership of 7,000 acres of forest land while OPG would get increased development rights on property near Port Gamble. An undisclosed number of homes would be built just south of town.

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