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Originally prepared by Ursel Krumme R.N. for a Health Information Presentation in Port Ludlow in April 2010

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a part of the U.S. Dept.of Health & Human Services, is the primary Federal agency for conducting & supporting medical research... Composed of 27 Institutes and Centers, the NIH provides leadership & financial support to researchers... NIH maintains a variety of medical or health information data bases either directly or through the various Institutes e.g. the Ntl. Cancer Institute or the Ntl. Medical Library.
Medline Plus A National Institute of Health website which provides authoritative up-to-date information on over 800 diseases and conditions from the National Library of Medicine

MedlinePlus Quality Guidelines

MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing

  • Search Engine
  • A-Z Indices by
    --- Topics,
    --- Symptoms,
    --- Diagnostic Tests
    --- Drugs
    --- Med. Encyclopedia
  • Dictionary w/Audio Pronounciation
  • Directories(Specialists, Hospitals) ["Go Local"]
  • Med. photographs & illustrations
  • Animated graphics w/audio
  • Surgery Videos:
    "Operating Room Live"
  • Links to Specialty Journal articles

  • Interactive Health Tutorials e.g. Benefits & Risks of Tests & Treatments
  • Interactive Health Check Tools e.g. self-assessments/ quizzes
  • Q & A
  • Find Specialist or Hospital by location/ Medicare reimbursement
  • PubMed Search for more indepth articles of the NIH which has over 19 million citations. Search by:
    --- author(s) or title
    --- clinical categories e.g. diagnoses, treatments
    --- topic/subject, e.g. Bio-Ethics, Cancer
    Animated Tutorials for navigating this site (with Audio) Research Articles
    -- Abstracts
    -- Full Articles (some free)
    User can ask for narrow, specific or broad, sensitive searches or systematic review/ guidelines
    Physician Data Query PDQ is the National Cancer Institute's comprehensive cancer database.
  • A-Z Indices for (Adult) Treatments
    --- Patient Version
    --- Health Professionals
  • Patient Version has
    --- text & medical illustrations (can be enlarged)
  • Prof.Version has
    --- TNM:Tumor size, Node involvement, Metastases
    --- Linked Journals
  • Treatment Options based on Staging 0-IV/if cancer recurred, chemo, radiation, targeted therapy, Clinical Trials
    WebMD Health Corp./Network is a large provider of health information services for consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, employers & health plans throughpublic & private online portals & health-focused pub. incl. WebMD Health, eMedicine Medscape, eMedicine Health, RxList &
    Emedicine Medscape contains articles on over 6,500 diseases & medical topics. Updated regularly by more than 10,000 physicians & healthcare experts. Provides detailed, tech. info with the latest practice guidelines.
  • Browse by Specialty for 40 Clinical Areas in:
    Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics
  • Free sign-up for other Areas & Search Engine
  • Text with Slides/ Illustrations (e.g. EKGs)
  • Evidence-based content updated regularly for physicians & other health professionals
  • Linked Journal References
  • Comprehensive coverage of drugs for diseases, e.g.
  • Dosages
  • Interactions
  • Contraindications
  • Precautions
  • Emedicine Health provides information on over 850 common diseases, conditions, procedures, tests, and first aid.
  • Search Engine
  • A-Z Indices, by
    --- Topic (80+ Centers)
    --- Medications/Drugs
    --- Med. Dictionary
  • 1st Aid & Emergencies
  • Text w/illustrations
  • Med/Health Picture Slide Shows e.g. Alzheimers
  • Image Gallery
  • Viewer comments & Reviews
  • A consumer health info site written by MDs for patients & consumers
  • E-Tools
    --- Rash Diagnosis "List Creator"
    --- Calculators: BMI; Celsius to Fahrenheit; Pounds to Kilo
    --- Scores: e.g. Geriatric Depression Scale
    --- Tables, e.g., narcotic drug potency comparison
  • Patients at this free-access site can now learn about management & treatment options for a medical condition, allowing them & their healthcare providers to share in the decision-making process.
  • Search by:
    --- Selected Conditions
  • Free Access to certain pt.-level health write-ups
  • Text w/color diagrams/ illustrations
  • Faculty MDs answer pt. questions w/info for recommendations
  • Rec. by the Amer. Academy of Family Physicians/ subscribed to by Hospitals
  • Goal is for patient to better understand med conditions, management/ treatment options so as to have better dialog w/health care providers
    American Cancer Society "Managing Your Cancer Experience” has detailed info re surgery, radiation, immunotherapy & alt. therapies using Treatment Decision Tools for best options, their risks & benefits, side effects as well as locating med. centers, MDs & clinical trials.
  • Search by:
    -- Cancer Topic
    -- Stay Healthy
    -- Find Support & Treatment
    -- Explore Research
    ----Programs and Funding
    ---- Accomplishmentsts
    ----Cancer Facts & Figures
    -- Get Involved
  • Text with Video & Demo of "Circle of Sharing" Tool for Recording Med Info.
  • "Profiler Treatment Option Tool" w/outcome statistics for types of treatments.
  • Voluntary Health Org.
  • Support Services to Pts.
  • Discussion Boards
  • CA.Info Specialists @1-800-ACS-2345 24/7
  • Pubs: Pt.& Prof.
  • Model of what medical info to record in "Circle of Sharing" is helpful
  • Submit test results & med. history for secure "Treatment Options Report" w/questions to ask MD!!
  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center’s Decision Aid Library: These decision aids help people see the likely outcomes of the options they face & think about their values as they relate to the risks & benefits of each option.
  • Decision Aids by
    ---Topics for 17 conditions e.g. back pain; breast CA.; heart disease etc.
  • Decision-Making
  • Videos or DVDs
  • Audiotapes w/workbooks
  • Web Sites
  • Decision Aids developed by Foundation for Informed Medical Decision-Making
  • Decision Aid tools allow shared decision making with MDs
  • Ottawa Personal Decision Guide

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    Nothing on this site shall constitute medical advice.

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